Energy Spark Cabinet 1KVA Pure Sine Inverter/UPS/Charger/Solar – Including 100Ah Gel Battery

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  • Are you in the dark during load shedding?
  • Does your favourite program stop recording on your PVR?
  • Do you need to catch up work on your computer?
  • Does your phone run flat when you need it the most?

You need an inverter system. See below Frequently Asked Questions on how they work:

Q) What is an inverter system and what does it do do?
It is an inverter unit coupled with a battery which provides power when there is load shedding. It keeps its battery charged when there is Eskom power. As soon as Eskom power cuts, the system instantly transfers over to battery power so you can keep your lights, TV, computers, chargers and wifi running during load shedding

Q) Is it easy to connect up? Do I have to fiddle with electronics?
It is super easy The system is plug and play.
The inverter has a regular 3 pin plug that goes into the wall. You then have a 3 way multiplug on the inverter that allows you to connect any appliance you want. Keep the appliances connected at all times, the inverter will automatically switch to battery as soon as it detects Eskom power is down.

Q) How much backup time will I have on the unit before normal Eskom power come back on to recharge the battery?
Assume a computer, TV, and desk lamp are connected to the inverter:
This unit will last 4-6 hours

Only want a lamp, wifi router and laptop connected to the inverter:
This unit will last 10-12 hours

Q) What appliances can I run on the inverter system?
Our plug and play systems will run any appliance that has low power usage and does not have a motor. So you can run TVs, computers, wifi, lights, chargers, etc.
Fridges, fans, heaters are not recommended to be connected to inverters. For those items, we can suggest a more specialised system – please click “contact us” and let us know your requirements.

Q) Can I connect the inverter to my house’s DB (electric) board so that my whole house is powered when Eskom does load shedding?
Sure you can – It does come more expensive than the plug and play solution, but please feel free to “contact us” we will pop through a customized quote.

Q) What is the warranty/guarantee?
The entire system comes with a full 1 year warranty.

This option is for the ES- INCLUDING 1 x 100Ah (10Hr) GEL Deep Cycle Batteries.
One GEL batteries are installed inside the cabinet and the ES will arrive ready to switch on and use.
The machine comes packaged and strapped to a small pallet for safe transportation.
The Smart Power System (ES) doesn’t require an electrician and simply plugs into a standard wall socket.
It is designed to work inside your home or business providing electricity if the power goes off.
Devices plugged into the ESare protected from damaging surges and spikes.
If the electricity fails the ES takes over instantly, providing uninterrupted power to your electronics.
At home you can still watch your TV, DSTV and DVD’s.
No more missing your favourite show or the match you were recording.
Plug in lamps and no longer rely on candles.
Keep your router, laptop and phone chargers on.
Your children can finish their homework, use the computer and stay connected to the internet.

At work your office computer, internet and desk lights stay on.
Your phone system keeps working.
No more computer crashes or corrupt data.
No more having to close down programmes.
And your point of sale equipment stays online with no interruption to sales.

Or the EPS-Unit Acan be loaded onto a vehicle to provide AC power wherever you need it.

In addition, the EPS-Unit A has a built-in solar controller for optional solar connection.
MC4 sockets make connection to a solar panel easy.
A solar panel IS NOT REQUIRED to run the EPS but can be added at any time.
The solar function can operate alongside or totally free of mains power.
Ideal for remote locations, smallholdings, farms or camping trips.

The solar capability offers a valuable, future safety net.
If the power ever failed for more than a few hours the EPS, connected to a solar panel, could provide vital free electricity, day after day, no matter what.

– Plugged into a standard wall socket
– Connected to a solar panel
– Or plugged into a wall socket and solar panel at the same time

– Simple operation
– Fully automatic
– Uninterrupted power (UPS)
– All-in-one cabinet
– 600W Pure Sine Wave output
– 3 stage 15A battery charger
– Intelligent CPU control
– 30A Solar charge controller
– Automatic Voltage Regulation
– 1 x 100Ah (10Hr) Gel Batteries
– LCD Information display: battery charge, input/output voltage
– Re-settable overload protection
– Low battery/overload warning
– 2x peak surge capacity
– Portable: on wheels
– No exposed wiring
– Lockable battery compartment
– Long run time
– Fan cooling
– 12 Months warranty

This purchase includes One fitted 100Ah GEL batteries.

1x 100AH 12V GEL batteries would run a modern 46″ flat screen LCD TV (100W), DSTV decoder (50W), laptop (50W) and 20W low energy lamp for 6 – 7 hours.
OR would power an office computer system, 2x 20W lamps, laptop and phone charger for 4-5 hours.
OR 2 x 20W lamps for 36 hours.

– Rated Power: 600W
– Battery: 100Ah (10Hr) 12V GEL Cell Batteries
– Battery Compartment: Space for 12V batteries up to 100Ah
– Charging Mode: 3 Stage – Mains (15A) or PV charging

– Connection: Standard plus minus MC4 ports
– Voltage: 12V
– Current: 30A (Max) (depends on power of solar panels)
– PV Maximum Voltage: 50V

– PV Charging Current: When greater than 15A, AC charging current is off
– PV Charging Current: When smaller/equal to 15A, AC charging current is 5A
– PV Charging Current: When smaller/equal to 3A, AC charging current is 10A

– Input Voltage: 145-275VAC
– Input Frequency: 50Hz
– Output Voltage: 220VAC
– Short Circuit: Breaker

– Output Voltage: 220VAC plus minus 5%
– Output Frequency: 50 plus minus 1%Hz (auto detection)
– Output Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave

– Transfer Time: Typical 2-6ms
– Overload: 110% shut down within 60sec. 120% shut down within 5sec
– Short Circuit: 20ms automatic shut down
– Protection: Discharge, overcharge and overload protection

– LCD Display: Voltage input/output. Battery status. Overload
– Dimensions: 45cm x 45cm x 40cm
– Operating Environment: 0 Degrees Celsius – 40 Degrees Celsius. Humidity 20% – 90% non-condensing
– Noise Level: Less than 40db


3 reviews for Energy Spark Cabinet 1KVA Pure Sine Inverter/UPS/Charger/Solar – Including 100Ah Gel Battery

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Koos van der westhuizen

    Excellent purchase, I just plugged it in and it began running automaitcally when the power tripped and during black outs. I couldnt be more thankful with having this unit!!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Debbie Smith

    Couldn’t be more satisfied with this unit. Was a bit concerned at first about how it would work. But after just plugging in my required appliances to the unit it began to work immediately. And with our baby we cant afford to have no power during Eskoms incompetent loadshedding schedules.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Melissa Nel

    This works great, ran for an entire load shedding session with no issues on 3 pcs, a router and 1 Tv.

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